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We go to the Fallowfield Secret Garden every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, from 11AM usually until 4pm.

New volunteers should get in touch first with either Mark, Sara, Gav or Marie-Louise

  • Mark Roberts:  /  07907 167 085
  • Sara Bannon:  /  07508 192 208
  • Gavin Pate: / 07852 987 798
  • Marie-Louise O’Hanrahan: / 07961 341 429

Finding Us

The Fallowfield Secret Garden’s main gate is next door to 86 Wilbraham Road, it’s not far from the Yew Tree Road junction.  Look for the logo!

 Click on the road map below to expand it.

secret garden road map

About Us

“It’s all about creating something for ourselves… we’re using permaculture to learn about the cycles of nature” Mark Roberts, project manager

City South has donated some of their wasteland to be transformed into a community garden. They have chosen a local City South tenant Mark Roberts to manage and run this project. With some funding secured, and the potential for more, the work is now underway. The Secret Garden was launched in the spring of 2012. The aim is to create a space for as many local people as possible to grow their own food, herbs, flowers trees and build a community. By sharing the skills and knowledge of permaculture, we will promote sustainable living in Fallowfield. We are looking for local volunteers that could donate some time into doing something very rewarding. The benefits outweigh all the work, with free food each season and a place to relax and socialise. Bringing the local community together will empower us to make positive and sustainable changes.


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